Reading Lantern Program

Reading Lantern Program

Once upon a time... 
 ...many, many years ago, people would walk miles to acquire a book because of the value that it held. Between the pages of every precious book were ideas that could change their life. 

Today, in-spite the fact that thousands of beautiful books are published each year, many children in our local community still don't have access to the kind of books that can really make a difference to their life. 

For some children their only access to such valuable books and ideas is through their school library. 
Guided by caring thoughtful Librarians and Teachers, these children become empowered to change their lives. 

Please... help us to stand beside these caring and thoughtful people by purchasing a READING LANTERN and donating a valuable, life changing book to one of our local schools libraries in the interest of supporting our local children. 

Lets give them every opportunity we can, to be the best that they can be! 

Thank you for your kind generosity. 

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