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Reading Lantern Program

What is the aim of the Reading Lantern Program?

The Reading Lantern Program was developed in the interests of supporting childrens' access to books that can help them understand the world around them and provide further opportunities for learning.

Books and Reading give children access to stories, experiences and knowledge that help them in all aspects of life.
In an information and technology saturated age, where we remember as much as 35% LESS of what we read off a screen, books are still one of the best ways to share ideas. Good quality reading material can make a very real difference to a child's life and ability to learn. The Reading Lantern Program is designed to support that opportunity to learn and share stories.

The secondary aim of the program is to support those who are already helping children gain literacy, numeracy and life skills through the use of good quality books.

What is the Reading Lantern Program?

Every Reading Lantern purchased donates a book to the children of the school nominated on the Lantern. 

 * The Reading Lanterns (or similar crafts) are thoughtfully and
   carefully made to be displayed at Reader's Emporium for all to see.

 * Each Reading Lantern (or similar donated craft) will display a tag
   noting which school library the donated book is to go to and the
   details of the book being donated, (ie ISBN and Book Title/Author).

 * Each person (or group of people) purchasing the Reading Lantern(s)
   takes home the Reading Lantern(s) as a gift of thanks for their kind
   generosity. They are also provided with the opportunity to have
   their name inscribed inside the book cover as a memorial of their
   kind donation.

 * Reader's Emporium will contribute to the donation by providing a
   discount to the purchase and promoting the program.

 * A Librarian or similar contact will be notified if there are books
   to be picked up and the books will be carefully placed aside until a
   Librarian is able to come into the store and collect them.

For any schools wishing to participate in the program, we ask that you supply us with suggestions of book titles you think would be helpful contributions to your Library - this will limit unwanted double-ups and help us to determine what your Library actually needs. We would be glad to offer suggestions if required.

We would be grateful if any schools choosing to join the program would contribute to the program by promoting it through news letters, social media or notice boards if possible.

If any schools would like to contribute their own craft instead of using the Reading Lanterns provided by Reader's Emporium, we would be glad to discuss this with you.

While the primary aim is to support children, we hope that the Reading Lantern Program can be used as an opportunity to make parents more aware of the enormous opportunities and value that books can provide for their children.

We look forward to being able to work with you, furthering the opportunities you are already trying to provide in help children to learn.