If your idea of a "bizarre" aircraft is pre-war DH Dragon Rapide, a bloated Boeing Super Guppy, or a BA Airbus with an "ethnic" tail design, then think again! What about . . Horatio Phillips's Multiplane with its 200 separate wings? The Goodyear Inflatoplane, a totall... read more

The Strangest Aircraft of All Time
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An Odyssey in Steam is renowned artist David Bell's fifth book which features his beautiful and complex paintings of steam engines and locomotives with captivating technical accuracy. It is a unique look at the railways during the age of steam featuringma... read more

An Odyssey in Steam: 'Rocket' to 'Evening Star'
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Series:Young Encyclopedia Ser.

A stunning new information-packed series.

World of Flight (Young Encyclopedia)
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An intelligent yet very readable answer to the novice driver dilemma, specifically designed for worried parents. It looks at young drivers in a completely new way, and provides enlightening solutions to the questions parents most need answers to.

Motorvate: How to Crashproof Your Kids
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What was the first real 'automobile'? And what actually constitutes an automobile, anyway?SUCH questions are not easy to answer, but Keith Ray has embraced the challenge and compiled a myth-busting book packed with fascinating facts. R... read more

First Gear - Key Milestones on the Route to Today's Automobiles
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In this book, the authors of the widely acclaimed Aviation Century series profile 50 of history's most influential aircraft, their pilots and designers.

50 Aircraft That Changed the World
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The author, Fred Kerr, was introduced to the world of industrial railways in 1956 when his parents moved from Edinburgh to Corby in Northamptonshire, where the local steelworks offered a mix of locomotives from several manufacturers. When steam tra... read more

Steam at Work: Preserved Industrial Locomotives (HB)
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A wise man once said that cars move the body, but motorcycles move the soul. If you love motorcycles, you will understand the thrill of weaving in the fluid motion that only two wheels and a responsive engine can give. Of being on a fabu... read more

Custom Rides - The Coolest Motorcycle Builds Around the World (PB)
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Brian Bell's encyclopaedic book traces the evolution of the farm tractor from the days of starting handle and pan seat to current 4-wheel drive machines with air-conditioned cabs and computer management systems. Although he deals in particula... read more

Seventy Years of Farm Tractors
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The timeless beauty of antique automobiles elicits an emotional reaction, and avid collectors will spend millions on vintage models for the nostalgia they evoke. A model's value is a combination of its rarity and also the quality and pride of craftsmanship with which cars were once bu... read more

Vintage Cars
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AFTER steam finished on the main line on 11 August 1968, something had to take its place; something modern, less difficult to maintain, and that was a natural progression. 'Modernisation' was the word. British Railways - and lat... read more

The Changing Railways of Britain - From Steam to Diesel and Electric (HB)
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The two volumes covering Rails Across Europe are divided into one, covering the North and West of the continent, the other dealing with the South and East. The photos were taken by David Cable, a well-regarded author of several photographic albums of trains throughout the world... read more

Rails Across Europe
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